Employment Empowerment

My self-esteem and attitude are now at an all-time high

Rainbow would like to introduce you to Mr. Curtis Hartley, a recent graduate of Rainbow’s unique program Move Men to Employment (MM2E). Prior to graduating the MM2E program, Mr. Hartley was unemployed for the past year and a half. Having no luck with employment agencies in finding gainful employment, Mr. Hartley was losing faith in his abilities. Thankfully, his girlfriend, Candace, was aware of Rainbow’s unique MM2E program and brought him through our doors.

Rainbow’s Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) sat down with Mr. Hartley to explain how the MM2E program is designed as an employment empowerment program to assist men in the community who are unemployed or underemployed move toward financial stability by finding gainful employment or promotion. Rainbow’s RSC asked Mr. Hartley what his employment goals were and what would be his dream job.

Mr. Hartley shared he had been in the car detailing industry for over 15 years, thoroughly enjoyed his career path, and wished very much to get back into it. The RSC made Mr. Hartley a guarantee that if he stuck with the MM2E program and was serious about his commitment, Rainbow would provide him the proper training and assist him in finding employment.

Mr. Hartley kept his commitment to the MM2E program and with the assistance of his RSC, they crafted two resumes (one for car detailing and another for warehouse work) and conducted three mock interviews to assist him during his actual interviews with potential employers. Armed with his new tools, Mr. Hartley successfully completed two interviews in two months which garnered him a new position as a car detailer. Mr. Hartley shared that his self-esteem and attitude are now at “an all-time high”. Mr. Hartley is very happy he is now able to support his family. We are Rainbow, and together we are changing lives.